Our inaugural Leaf Vac service by Groot begins this fall.  We hope this service will be especially helpful in the areas of the township where mulching isn’t a viable solution and as an alternative to burning.  Unlike the regular weekly garbage pick-up, the leaf vac service days are subject to weather and rate of leaf drop. Our contract includes 6 rounds of leaf vac. For the first round, leaves must be out by 6:00 a.m. on 10/20.  Subsequent rounds will be communicated 1-2 days in advance (to the best of Groot’s ability) via Supervisor O’Kelly’s email newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter at

Some guidelines to keep in mind:

· The vac hose reach is 6’ so piles will need to be as close as possible to the road.   Please keep leaves above curb and out of storm sewer. Avoid filling ditches, which can result in  clogged culverts and storm sewer in the event of heavy downpours.

· Avoid parking along the street on leaf pickup days.

· Sign up for Diana’s newsletter for advance notice of vac days.

· This service is for LEAVES ONLY.  Please do not include sticks, soil, trash, or metal which can damage the vac’s blades. If you need stickers for bags, they can be purchased at the Jewel customer service desk.

· Approach this service with reasonable expectations, given the unpredictable variables that exist. We will try our best to communicate the dates a day or two ahead of time.  We also  anticipate snow, ice, rain, and wind to throw in curveballs.