Leaf Vacuum for Unincorporated Fremont Township Residents October 17-November 21

Groot Leaf Vac Service – Unincorporated Fremont Township residents with Groot as their waste hauler.

Supervisor O’Kelly met with Groot representatives regarding the leaf vacuum program that will start the week of October 17. Groot is asking that you have your leaves out each Monday by 6 am from October 17 until November 21. While they tell us to have the leaves out on Mondays, as the season progresses they may not be there on Monday due to the volume of leaves they pick up elsewhere!  Last year we found they were able to get to us each week in a timely manner until the major leaf drop.  During the major drop, pickups may take longer than a week. Please have patience as they will get to you.  If you feel you have been missed, please contact me at 847 223-2847.  Some residents are in more remote areas so please contact me so we can make sure your leaves are picked up. Approach this service with reasonable expectations, given the unpredictable variables that exist. We anticipate snow, ice, rain, and wind to throw in curveballs.  

For the first round, leaves must be out by 6:00 a.m. on 10/17. 

Groot must have a 3 foot clearance of any obstructions including mailbox, boulders, signs, yard decorations etc. Keep leaves away from those structures. The hose is heavy and can cause damage if it gets in contact with objects.

The vac hose reach is 3 feet, so piles will need to be as close as possible to the road.  Please keep leaves above curb and out of storm sewer. Avoid filling ditches, which can result in clogged culverts and storm sewer in the event of heavy downpours. Make sure you bring the leaves as close to the street as possible. The hose may not reach the piles if you don’t.

Avoid parking along the street on leaf pickup days. If your car is parked in front of the leaves, Groot cannot vacuum them. Groot will not return if your car has blocked their ability to vacuum the leaves and you will have to wait until the next week for pick up.

When the leaves are wet, they will not all vacuum into the hose so Groot takes what they can as they pass through. That is why they come through 6 times and not just at the end of the leaf season.

This service is for LEAVES ONLY. Please do not include sticks, soil, trash, or metal which can damage the vac’s blades. If you need stickers for compost bags, they can be purchased at either Jewel in Mundelein at the customer service desk.

Just a reminder unincorporated Fremont Township residents with Groot as their waste hauler have electronic recycling at your curb included with the Groot Waste Hauler Agreement. It is on the second Friday of the month, but you must call Groot at 847 693-2700 to arrange for the pick-up. There is no additional charge.

Every Friday you may leave one bulk item at your curb. If you have questions about the large item, contact Groot at 847 693-2700. They do ask that you fold and tie mattresses. There is no charge for this.  Oversized items like a piano, hot tub or TV over 50 pounds will require an extra fee and must be scheduled. These require more than one person to collect.

If you have yard waste (grass clippings, twigs etc.) that you need to dispose of, yard waste stickers can be purchased at either Jewel in Mundelein. Just place them on the bag and put out on your regular garbage day.

If you turn 65, please contact Groot at 847 693-2700 to get the senior rate.

If you need to get rid of refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, washers, dryers, dishwashers, hot water tanks or dehumidifiers, there is a charge. You must contact Groot to arrange for pick up.