Property Tax Assessment Notice in the Mail August 4

The Lake County Assessor has notified us that the Fremont Township Blue Assessment Notices are scheduled to be published and mailed on August 4th. This does not pertain to residents of Saddlebrook Farms.

It’s important for taxpayers to read, understand and check this notice for factual accuracy as it contains important information about the assessed valuation of your property which will directly impact your tax bill.

As you know, the assessor’s office is responsible for valuing your property not your tax bill. Our office is here and happy to discuss the merit of your valuation, but we have no control over the tax rates and your final tax bill. That you have to take up with your taxing bodies.

There is a 30 day window to address this assessment, and the last day to file a formal appeal is 9/6/2022. If you have evidence that this assessment is incorrect, please contact our office first before you go through the added expense of retaining legal counsel. 

We can be reached at (847) 223-2846.

Joe Herchenbach, Fremont Township Assessor