Shredding Event Rescheduled for August 15

Our shredding event is scheduled on August 15, from 9 am til noon at the Fremont Township Administrative Office. Enter off of Erhart Road, 22376 Erhart. If the truck hits capacity before noon, the event is over.
You may bring 3 boxes to shred. Staples and paper clips are fine. The most efficient way is to place your items in a paper grocery bag .No plastic bags . Due to Covid and to keep the line moving, you will not be able to exit your car and watch the shredding.
This shredding event is for documents only. Please recycle your coupons,magazines and junk mail with your weekly recycling.
You will enter off of Erhart and drive to the shredding truck. Pop your trunk and we will take the items. Do not leave your car.
They will not accept any binders or hanging file folders or electronic items because they catch on fire in the truck.
We look forward to seeing you and appreciate your patience.