The Lake County Health Department is pleased to announce that the Lake County AllVax Portal is open. All Lake County residents can now register to be notified when a COVID-19 vaccine is available to them. Registering online is easy and secure—just visit You can also register over the phone by calling the Lake County Health Department at (847) 377-8130.

By entering basic information and answering a few screening questions on the portal, you will be notified when a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available. You can register yourself and others on the portal. Once you are registered, you can also schedule your vaccination appointments through the Lake County clinics or facilities through the system when a vaccine is available to you. The portal also includes answers to frequently asked questions on COVID-19 vaccination.

Vaccinations for seniors at Greenbelt Cultural Center: The Greenbelt Cultural Center is now vaccinating seniors age 65 and older who live in Lake County. To make an appointment, email: or call (847) 582-1362. Also open to people with medical conditions and essential workers phase 1B. They have the Pfizer vaccine.

Are you aware of homebound seniors needing the vaccine? Please have them call (847) 377-8130 and let them know they are homebound. There will be a program to address those without accessibility.