Secretary of State Mobile Drivers License Renewal at Fremont Township

Illinois drivers license image

Services provided at the mobile event include: Renewal/Correction of Drivers License New/Renewal/Correction of State ID License Plate stickers Motor Voter Registration with Renewal of DL/ID Organ Donor Registration with Renewal DL/ID Seniors 75 and over must go to the DMV because they need a road test For your convenience, Fremont Township is hosting a Mobile…

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Dispose of Medication Properly

It is up to all of us to dispose of our prescription drugs correctly. Never flush them and don’t keep them if they aren’t medication you are currently prescribed. If you have prescription and non-prescription drugs in your house that need to be discarded, most police departments in Lake County accept them. Click here for…

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Recycle Your Shoes at Fremont Township

Recycle your old sneakers

Every year, across the globe, millions of pairs of shoes end up in landfills, creating a lot of waste. Much of what we consider unwanted waste can actually be recycled or repurposed. Fremont Township is happy to partner with SWALCO to keep these materials from being thrown out. It is estimated that 85% or more…

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