Fremont Township Historical Documents

We have recently digitized hundreds of historical township documents to pdf format and they are now available for public viewing.  Copies of the original documents include handwritten meeting minutes including the first Fremont Township Annual Town Meeting held in a private residence in 1850 and additional Annual Town Meeting minutes through 1961.   Other digitized records include Fremont Highway Commissioner records dating from 1883 to 1906.

The records include remarkable details about the development of our township and the close relationship formed between early settlers and the government they would form to represent the community.  In these documents, it's revealed the duties and actions of our early elected officials were somewhat different than what we expect from township officials today. A few noted motions include enacting rules to control the free-roaming of stud horses to posting signs on local residences warning others of Scarlet Fever and other health scares we rarely think about today.  To learn more about the early days of your township government and the larger community, click HERE


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