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Please review the Illinois EPA Interactive Curbside Bin Recycling Guide.

Also, check out Lake County’s YouTube video, Recycling Can Be Easy, If You Do It Right.


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Starting April 1, 2020, Fremont Township's waste hauling services are provided by Groot Industries, Inc., Illinois' largest independent solid waste management services provider. The company has provided solid waste collection and other vital public services to northeastern Illinois municipalities and businesses since 1914.

Today, waste management processes focus on integrated solid waste management, including source reduction of waste, recycling, landscape waste management, and a multitude of special items including electronic waste, white goods, fluorescent lamps, and construction and demolition debris. The goal of integrated waste management is to minimize, as much as possible the amount of waste that must ultimately be disposed. Groot Industries has the experience not only in collecting solid waste but also in processing and marketing a wide range of materials.

NOTE: The Estates of Ivanhoe and the Woods of Ivanhoe currently have a single waste hauler and were excluded from this contract.