Fremont Township Property Assessment Appeal Deadline is August 9

Important Message from Fremont Assessor Joe Herchenbach

July 8 Fremont Township Property Assessment Notices In The Mail

Fremont Residents Only Have Until August 9, 2021 to Appeal Their Assessment.

Lake County mailed property owners in Fremont Township their “blue cards” with the assessed values of their homes on July 8.

Please review yours promptly and If you find an inaccuracy on the blue card, call my office at 847 223-2846 so that we can discuss the issue. As your local assessor, I want to work with you if there are inaccuracies and save you the inconvenience and expense of hiring an attorney to file an appeal.

If you have evidence that you feel proves you are over assessed, please call our office at 847-223-2846. If we remedy your concerns at our Fremont Township Assessor’s office, there will be no need to appeal.

Make sure you are receiving all the exemptions you are entitled to! The General Homestead exemption is for a primary residence. The Senior Homestead Exemption is for homeowners 65 and older on a primary residence. These exemptions can represent significant savings.

Please take this as a reminder that you only have a 30-day window to appeal your assessment. 

Fremont Township homeowners only have until August 9th to appeal, so come to us first. Many people wait until they receive their property tax bill to contest the assessment, but that is too late.

Sincerely, Joe Herchenbach Fremont Township Assessor Fremont Township

22385 Route 60, Mundelein, IL 60060