2023 Roadway and Drainage Improvements

West Shore Park Drainage Improvements

Starting in mid-July 2023 and continuing into fall, Berger Excavating will be installing storm sewer improvements under West Shore Drive, Circle Dr and Oakdale Lane.


These improvements are needed to re-direct stormsewer into public right of way and eliminate reliance on existing insufficient storm sewer located on private property.


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Image of West Shore Park Improvements
Image of oak terrace drainage and paving improvements

Oak Terrace Paving and Drainage Improvements

Storm sewer additions and culvert changes shown in green will be completed by Fremont Township Highway Dept prior to paving.


Roadways to be resurfaced are shown in blue.   The paving contractor is Schroeder Paving.   Timeframe TBD.


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These major improvements were made possible thanks to Sen Adriane Johnson