Road Bonds

Heavy vehicles and machinery have the potential to damage our township roads.     Our township roads have a max weight limit of 6 tons, as most were constructed to meet township standards, rather than the stronger county or state roads.    Consider the fact that the one garbage truck pass has a similar effect as the cumulative effect of about 10,000 cars!   So you can imagine the impact of construction equipment, gravel and concrete trucks.


Our highway department requires a refundable $2500 road bond in the event damages incur to the road and right of way.  Pictures are taken before construction begins and compared with after pics.   If no visible damage has incurred, the full amount will be refunded.

A road bond check should be made out to Fremont Township and can be dropped at the highway or administration office along with a road bond form.


Road Bond Policies

Road Bond Application

Right of Way Permits

Right of way permits are required for work done in the right of way, including hard landscaping, grading, temporary driveway access, new driveways, and all projects requiring a site development from Lake County Planning, Building and Development.


Refer to your plat of survey or look for property markers for guidance on location of right of way.  Widths of right of way vary by street.    Contact our highway department or visit our right of way page to learn more.


Township Right of way Permit Application