Right of Way Maintenance

What's the Right of Way?

The Right of Way refers to the property allocated for public roadway use.   This typically includes the road, roadway shoulder, drainage ditches, and roadside.   Public utilities such as water, sewer, gas and comm cables are often located in these areas.

The most common width of right of ways in our township is 66', roughly extending 33' from the centerline.  However, our township has right of ways varying from a narrow 20' wide to 100'.  To further complicate matters, the right of way is not always centered with the roadway.

A property plat of survey should indicate the location and size of right of way or public easement.   Utility poles are often placed on the edge of the right of way.

Roadside mowing

Our roadside mowing consists of 3-5 mowings a year to lower the height of weeds and grass to improve visibility.   In some areas where terrain is challenging or with overgrowth of phragmites grass, we use a Boom mower from Ela Township a couple times a year.


Tree Removal

Our highway department is responsible for the trees in the right of way.   Please report any downed trees or branches on or along the road to our department.  Dead or dying trees are removed on a priority basis.

Tree Trimming

The roadsides require frequent trimming to maintain visibility around intersections  and signs.  Low branches also pose a concern for potential damage to large trucks.      Landscaping in the right of way that contribute to these issues will be trimmed back by our crew, if they are not adequately maintained by the resident.  

Invasives, such as buckthorn, tree of heaven and honeysuckle in the right of way may be removed entirely.  These plants are devastating to our ecosystem.  Please consider planting native alternatives if screening is desired.

When landscaping near the right of way, please consider the mature size and shape of the plant and allow adequate spacing from the roadway to reduce our need to maintain.