Identification of Project Team

Inputs: List of Required Content/Functionality Areas from Fremont 1.0 site, Project Team candidates

Deliverables: Project Team Roster & Responsibilities
Diana O'Kelly, Chris McCann, Nancy Lech (Content creation, site review & approval); Technivista (everything else)

Project Site Creation

Inputs: Project Site Shell

Deliverables: Project Web Site on the development server

Project Briefs on Goals, Requirements, & Performance Standards

Strategic Brief (Overall business purpose, goals (time, cost, quality), features & functions, future issues, etc.)

Creative Brief (Design purpose, desired user experience, comparable sites, etc.)

Technical Brief (Systems, data, & network requirements, performance goals, etc.)

Inputs: Notes/emails from communications between Fremont and TV

Deliverables: Project Briefs, Hosting Provider Selection & Server Setup

Hosting Provider Server Setup (WP Engine) for Development and Pre-Production

Inputs: Technical Brief

Deliverables: Identification of Hosting Provider (WP Engine), Working Development Domain (

Rough Development Schedule

Inputs: Project Cycle Methodology Planner, Team Estimates

Deliverables: Major Deliverable Schedule (mockups, prototype, design/content freezes, alpha,
beta, launch)

Competitive/Peer Site Analysis & Best Practices Benchmarking

Inputs: List of Competitors/Peers, Site Benchmarking Tool, Best Practices List & Case Studies, Project Team Knowledge, Data Research Methodology

Deliverables: Competitive Landscape Analysis, Identified Best Practices objectives, Data Research Results

Initial Design Candidates Session (Concept & Branding)

Inputs: Selected Base Themes, Designer Ideas, Project Briefs, Client-supplied Branding
Requirements, Competitive Landscape Analysis, Identified Best Practices

Deliverables: Project Team Site Design Mockups

Base Design Elements (look & feel/ navigation)

Inputs: Project Team Site Design Mockups

Deliverables: Final design candidate & Branding Standards

Working Design Prototype

Inputs: Design & Branding Standards, Alpha site mockup

Deliverables: Design Prototypes, Preliminary Graphics, Placeholder Content

Basic Content Plan & Ownership

Inputs: Pre-existing Content from Fremont 1.0, desired new content, self-publishing requirements

Deliverables: Site Content Plan Draft, Content Checklist (what new elements are needed where on the site and who’s responsible for providing)

Site Map

Inputs: Design Prototype, Site Content Plan Draft, Project Team Recommendations

Deliverables: Comprehensive Site Map Draft published on Project Web Site

Content & Database Migration

Inputs: Current Site Content, Current Database Map & Data, Project Plan

Deliverables: Archived Content & Database, Preliminary Content on Prototype Site

Integration & Development Schedule

Inputs: Site Content Responsibilities, Project Plan

Deliverables: Site Content Delivery Schedule

Data & Files Identification

Inputs: Site Content Delivery Schedule, Database Architect Ideas, Legacy Content Information, Project Briefs

Deliverables: List of all data/file elements

Data / File Architecture

Inputs: List of all data/file elements, Infrastructure Specification

Deliverables: File layouts, Database Structure, PHP versioning decision

Alpha Site (Design, navigation, placeholders, etc.)

Inputs: Archived Content & Database, Prototype Design, Site Map, Preliminary Graphics, Project Briefs, Infrastructure Specification

Deliverables: Alpha Site that’s constantly evolving toward the eventual Beta site

Infrastructure Specification

Inputs: Project requirements, Project Briefs (primarily Technical Brief), Alpha Site

Deliverables: Infrastructure Specification published on Project Web Site

Systems Design

Inputs: Project Briefs, Infrastructure Specification, Site Map, Project Plan

Deliverables: Systems Topology Diagrams for development, testing, and production

System Test Criteria / Scripts (load, browser compatibility, change/version control, etc.)

Inputs: Project Briefs, Site Map, Project Plan, Performance measurement tools, System

Deliverables: Test Scripts, Checklist, Problem Log Form

Development Project Plan

Inputs: Major Deliverable Schedule, Project Team input, Project Cycle Methodology

Deliverables: Beta Site Schedule (tasks, responsibilities, timelines, deliverables, etc.)


Image integration/transfer

Inputs: Working Model of Alpha Site, Storyboards, Preliminary Graphics

Deliverables: Beta Graphic Elements, Integration Functions List, ADA-compliant tags

Page layout

Inputs: Site Map, Alpha Site Design & Content, Beta Graphic Elements

Deliverables: Site Page Layouts & Templates

Content Integration/transfer

Inputs: Fremont-supplied content, Project Briefs, Site Map, Site Content Plan, Content Checklist

Deliverables: Site pages drafts

Beta HTML5 / Social Media integration

Inputs: Site Page Layouts, Site Page Drafts, Beta Graphic Elements

Deliverables: Beta Site Pages

Scripting & middleware (Google Analytics, SEO/SEM elements, fillable forms, calendars, newsletters, email, etc.)

Inputs: Integration Functions List, File Layouts, Database Structure, Site Map, Page Layouts

Deliverables: Working Scripts, keyword(s), beta SiteMap.xml, 301 redirects

Integration Test 

Inputs: Working Scripts, File Layouts, Database Structure, Test Records

Deliverables: Test files/databases

Beta launch

Inputs: Beta Site Pages/Elements, Test Files/Databases, Working Scripts

Deliverables: Beta Site

Beta Systems testing, adjustments, & fixes

Inputs: Beta Site, Test Scripts, Checklist, Problem Logs

Deliverables: Completed Checklist (QA sign-off), Beta Test Fixes, Beta Site Analysis

Status, problem tracking, & time-tracking

Inputs: Project Task tracking entries, Task Time Sheets

Deliverables: Up-to-date Project Task Entries

Change order management

Inputs: Fremont change orders (from emails, phone calls, files, etc.), Beta Site Analysis

Deliverables: Change order tasks, Project Task tracking entry

Design review & freeze iterations

Inputs: Project Team Input

Deliverables: Final Site Design Document

Content freeze

Inputs: Fremont-supplied Final Content, Site Content Plan

Deliverables: Final Site Page Content

Pre-production site launch

Inputs: Beta Site Analysis, Beta Site Fixes, Final Site Page Content, Final Site Design

Deliverables: Final Beta Site, Beta Site Analysis, Emergency Problem Log, Problem Log (for next release)

Formal training of content contributors/editors

Inputs: Roster of Content Contributors/Editors, Training Materials, Beta Site Analysis

Deliverables: Trained Content Contributors/Editors


Inputs: Beta Site Analysis, Emergency Problem Log

Deliverables: Launch (Gold) site

Documentation (Style Guides, systems doc, etc.)

Inputs: Final Site Design, Final Site Page Content, Final Data Doc, Systems Topology Diagrams, File & Data Structure

Deliverables: Complete Documentation Package


Site staging

Inputs: Launch (Gold) Site, Move Script, Hosting Provider Instructions

Deliverables: Staged Site (Ready to Roll)

Preflight checklist

Inputs: Preflight Checklist

Deliverables: All-Go Preflight Checklist


Inputs: Staged Site, Launch Checklist

Deliverables: Site in Production, Google notification

Post-launch monitoring

Inputs: Post-Launch Checklist/Scripts, Performance Monitoring Tools

Deliverables: All-Green Checklist, Preliminary Performance Statistics

Customer satisfaction survey

Inputs: Customer Satisfaction Survey

Deliverables: Completed Customer Satisfaction Survey

Post-launch project review (quality assessment, process improvement)

Inputs: Completed Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Preliminary Performance Statistics, Final Development Project Review Form

Deliverables: Completed Final Development Project Review Form


Changes / Updates / Enhancements

Inputs: emails, phone calls, proposals, Task List Entries, Client-supplied content

Deliverables: Completed Task List Items