What is going on with the garden?

The garden is presently sleeping after a productive 2014 season!  Plans are underway for additions to the garden in 2015, including a garden shed,  and a number of scout projects that will enrich the minds of the kids as well as the ecology of the garden.  The shed is a collaborative project between VHM and Mundelein High School shop students.  Staying within VHM’s mission for sustainability, they will be using reclaimed materials to finish the shed as much as possible.  Adorning the shed in the future will be a solar panel for electrical power in the garden and a rain barrel to harvest rain water.

Weather permitting, planting will resume in early spring, starting with cool weather crops, such as spinach, lettuce, arugula, and parsnips.  We will also sow some cool weather cover crops to add organic matter to the soil in the areas that will not be planted until late May.

The mission of the garden is to provide organically grown and loved vegetables for the Fremont Township food pantry, as well as serving as an outdoor classroom for kids and adults of all ages to experience the beauty and reward of growing food and caring for the earth.

If you would like to volunteer in the garden, keep track of our work days on our Facebook group:


Or you may contact Alicia, the garden coordinator, at adodd67@comcast.net.

If you would like to donate to the garden, we can use tools in good condition, soaker hoses, native flowers, and money for purchasing fruit trees and raspberry canes.