Mobile Drivers License Renewal on November 7, No Real ID’s Processed

No Real ID applications will be processed at this event.

For your convenience, Fremont Township is hosting a Mobile Drivers License Renewal on November 7 with Secretary of State Jesse White’s office.  In order to renew your license or State ID at this event, your license or ID must be expiring within one year of November 7, 2019. (November 6th, 2020 is the latest date)

Services provided at the mobile event include:

  • Renewal/Correction of Drivers License
  • New/Renewal/Correction of State ID
  • License Plate stickers
  • Motor Voter Registration with Renewal of DL/ID
  • Organ Donor Registration with Renewal DL/ID

Seniors 75 and over must go to the DMV because they need a road test.

Seniors over 65 can get a free lifetime State ID.  If you have moved and your address has changed you can get that changed here. You will need proof of your address.

Drivers who will be 75 years of age or older when their current drivers license expires are required to pass a road test to renew their license.  That is not offered at this event. Anyone 75 or over must go to the DMV.

You will be issued a temporary license and the permanent will be mailed to you.

You may also renew your license plates at this event. Cash, Check and Charge are all accepted, but there is a fee for using a credit card.

Call 312 814-3676 with questions.