Sylvan Lake History Book (pdf)

Sylvan Lake History Book cover

The Sylvan Lake History Book was produced in 1991. The intention of the book is “to reflect what made this area special and to keep it and keep it so special. So this history is a tribute for all who helped create Sylvan Lake’s past, present, and future.

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2019 Diamond Lake Guide (PDF)

Diamond Lake guide

“Our Gem: A History and Stewardship Guide for Diamond Lake” was published in 2019. Funding for the project was provided in part by the Lake County Stormwater Management Commission through a Watershed Management Board Grant.

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Fremont Historical Documents

Fremont Township Historical Notes

These historical records reveal remarkable details about the relationship between early settlers and the township government they formed to represent the community.

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The Naming of Fremont Township

Fremont Township - John C. Frémont

The Naming of Fremont Township
By Diana Dretske
Lake County Discovery Museum

In 1850, when the township form of government was adopted in Lake County, each township set about selecting a name. In the township that would become Fremont, located between Libertyville and Wauconda, the names initially suggested were Hale, Gilmer, Fort Hill, Seneca, Haddam and Tickleville.

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History: The Fremont Township chapter from 1912 book

History book with Fremont Township chapter

“The history of a community is to a large extent embodied in the lives of its great men. There are few history-making changes that are due wholly to natural cause, most of them being if not entirely at least greatly influenced by human agency.

In this particular the Town of Fremont is no exception.”

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