Fremont Historical Documents

Fremont Township Historical Notes

The Fremont Clerk has digitally preserved thousands of pages of deteriorating township documents which are now available to view at the links below.  Documents currently uploaded to the site include handwritten Annual Town Meeting minutes from 1850 to 1961, and Fremont Highway Commissioner records dating from 1883 to 1906. More documents will be added as they are processed.

These historical records reveal remarkable details about the relationship between early settlers and the township government they formed to represent the community.  The duties and actions of our early elected officials were varied and in many ways quite different than what we experience today. For example, official motions at the first Annual Town Meeting, held in 1850 at a private residence shortly after the inception of township government in the State of Illinois, included limiting the free roaming of stud horses during specific times of the year, and orders to post signage at a local residence to warn others about a case of Scarlet Fever at the home. Reading through the documents is not only a lesson in history but also an opportunity to learn about the people who helped to shape our community.

Fremont Township Annual Town Meetings 1850 to 1889

Fremont Township Annual Town Meetings 1890 to 1961

Fremont Township Annual Town Meetings 1962 to 1979

Fremont Township Annual Town Meetings 1980 to 2013

Archived Board Meeting Minutes – 2012 to 1972

Fremont Highway Commissioners Meetings 1884 to 1890

Fremont Highway Treasurer Reports 1883 to 1906